The rainforests of Mexico and Central America have a wide variety of animal life, including boas, coral snakes, and the deadly pit viper, called the fer-de-lance.  There are spiders, scorpions, bats, and stinging insects, including wasps. The world's largest spotted cat, the jaguar, was hunted by the ancient Maya. Its fur was prized and stood for power. 

Also in the area are jaguars, small deer, ocelots and pumas. The area is rich with spider monkeys and birds including parrots, golden turkeys, hawks and hummingbirds.


In Mexico,  people often keep Toucans loose around their homes, where the birds are free to come and go.

The playful Toucan does not eat seeds. They love fruit such as papaya,  grapes, cantaloupe, and bananas. The Keel Bill Toucan is a native of Central America . Its beautiful colored beak is only five inches long. 

The Cieiba tree, a Spanish cedar sacred to the Maya grows here. 

Also here you will find Zapotes, from which chicle  is used to make chewing gum Animals used for food include deer, turkeys, and rabbits.   Ancient Maya raised bees without stingers for their honey.
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