Dzibilchaltun means "the place where there's writing on the stones".  The site is close to Merida on the north coast of  Yucatán.   In some parts, Dzibilchaltun  is more than 2,500 years old.

Dzibilchaltùn is a Maya ruin in the Mexican state of Yucatán, approximately 10 miles north of state capital Mérida.

The site has been continuously occupied for thousands of years.

On the Spring Equinox, the sun rises so that it shines directly through one window of the temple and out the other.

The other major feature of Dzibilchaltùn is its cenote, which is used as a swimming hole by local residents year round. Dzibilchaltun also contains the ruin of a 16th century Spanish church built at the site after the conquest.

The archaeological site now contains a museum which houses some exquisite Maya artifacts from all over the region.

The city spreads out over 25 square miles. It is  believed to be one of the oldest of the ancient Mayan cities. This city is still in the beginning stages of being restored. The most impressive structure is the Temple of the Seven Dolls.

A small but fascinating museum on site displays the seven dolls which were found inside the temple. You can swim in the sacred cenote. Legend has it that swimming in these waters will add 2 years to your life.

pictured: Temple of the Seven Dolls.

Lower right, alignment of stones

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