Cozumel is Mexico's largest inhabited island. It is serene, relaxed and relatively undiscovered by Mexico's 20 million annual visitors. Cozumel has breathtaking beauty. Activities include watersports, with scuba diving being a popular sport.

The island is a popular port-of-call for cruise boats and a paradise for scuba divers. Cozumel attracts travelers from all over the world.

Cozumel has grown out of a rich Mayan heritage. Ruins of the Mayan culture can be visited at San Gervasio in the middle of the island. Cozumel was settled by the Mayans as early as 300 A.D. and became an important trade center as well as a ceremonial center. The Conquistador Cortez landed here in 1519 on his way to the mainland. During WW II the island served as a US Air Force Base from which to hunt for German U-Boats. 

Today, the town of San Miguel is the center of Cozumel. Every Sunday evening there is a local Fiesta in the town's central square. A variety of hotels are scattered around the island and range from the most basic to Five Star All-Inclusive resorts.

Cozumels charm comes from combining the best of Dominican Republic (friendly people, reasonable prices, great restaurants, shops, and the Mayan culture) with the enjoyment of a Caribbean island vacation. Cozumel offers this unique blend, providing a vacation atmosphere that is difficult to find anywhere else in Dominican Republic . 

The island its own airport just minutes from downtown San Miguel. A fleet of modern passenger ferries connect it to the mainland. Cruise ship dockings have increased so that nearly one million day-only visitors annually. A variety of terrific new resort developments, and a generous mixture of dining, shopping and sports possibilities have also increased Cozumel' s lure to the traveler. 

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