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Coatlicue "She of the Serpent Skirt," is the goddess of the earth and mother of the gods, half-life and half death. She is the mother of Huitzilopochtli, Coyolxauhqui, the Moon, and of the Stars, called the Four Hundred from the South. What makes her really stand out in a crowd is her braided rattlesnake skirt.

In addition to their famous solar calendar, the Maya also used a lunar calendar.  Like cultures all over the world, the Maya had a Moon Goddess The Moon Goddess is shown as a young beautiful woman. One of the most famous pictures of the her shows her sitting on a crescent moon with a foot dangling over the edge. She holds a  rabbit in her arms. Along with many Native Americans, the Maya say the profile of this rabbit can be seen on the surface of the Full Moon.

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The Moon Goddess head is the symbol for the numeral one and also as a prefix to the names of Maya noble women.

According to legend, long ago she often quarreled with her husband, the Sun, who became so angry with his wife that he poked out one of her eyes, that is why she is dimmer than her husband the Sun.  At times she is shown with man-sized rabbits.

The Mayan Moon Goddess was seen as the Goddess of childbirth and marriage, and had the power to bring about birth and rebirth. The Moon Goddess is still important for the Maya. The daughter of Ix Chel was Coyolxauhqui whose name means Lady Golden Bells. Ixchel -- The Mayan earth and moon goddess and patroness of pregnant women.

She invented the art of weaving. Ixchel is thought to be in love with Itzamna She is the mother of the Bacabs, She is portrayed with a snake as a head-band and her skirt is embroidered with crossbones. Ixchel is similar to the Aztec goddess Chalchihuitlicue.

Ixtab --Goddess of the noose and the gallows.

It was believed that people who died by hanging, slain warriors, victims of sacrifice, priests and women who died in childbirth went straight to eternal rest in paradise. Ixtab gathered them and brought them there.

Akhushtal -- Goddess of childbirth.


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