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Cancun and Mayan History

The underworld, also known as the world of death,  had nine parts occupied by Bolontiju, Lords of the Night. The underworld was also known as Xibalba.  Thirteen was a number belonging to men; nine belonged to women. Nine Lords of Darkness ruled over the nine months of pregnancy.

To the Maya, the middle world was the earth:   The Maya also believed the earth was supported by 4 Bacabs, related to the 4 points of the compass.  and by 4 Chaques. there were also  helpers of Chac, the god of rain, and by 4 Iques, helpers of Ik, god of wind.

Bacabs were sometimes portrayed as an armadillo, a tortoise, a crab, and a snail. The earth sometimes is shown as supported on the back of a crocodile. Each compass direction had its own color. The center was blue-green. The north was white, east was red, south was yellow  and the west was black. Each direction had its own tree, bird, and gods.

The ancestral Hero Twins are important in the creation story--the Popul Vuh. One twin was supposed to become the sun.  In some versions he became Venus, in others, animals.  The younger brother climbed on the roof of a house and became stronger every day.

He climbed higher and higher and eventually became the sun. His mother was worried and tried to follow him, but could not go as high. She became the moon and forever follows the sun The Maya saw no difference between travel in physical and spiritual realms. They believed everything was alive and everything, even time, possessed supernatural powers.

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