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the famous and infamous mayan figures your classes have been studying are now available for coloring. duplicate them as many times as you wish -- for your own personal or your classroom use. (not for profit or sale. see terms)

each drawing fits on standard 8.5"x 11" paper.


order online and get instant delivery of pages. share them with your classroom today!

print them right from your computer. it couldn't be easier.

please note your receipt will be from lynda-design and marloart, our sponsors.

authentic detailed, copyright-free images of gods and mythical creatures. these copyright-free motifs are derived from art seen in temples, carvings, and ceramics of the mayan homelands. now available in this inexpensive set, these authentic images will provide endless inspiration and striking embellishments to graphic projects for students, artists and craftspeople as well as serve as coloring pages for the younger student. the images are recreated from mayan art by mayan-kids.com artists.

terms of use: you may duplicate for personal/ classroom use. not for resale or republication in any form, including on the internet, on cd or disk or any other electronic or printed form. see our terms of use. images in .gif format. the five-page guide in .htm and .pdf format. your order arrives in a zipped file. use winzip or comparable program to unzip. 1.14 megs.

how it works: once we receive your order, it is processed by paypal. with a credit card, your purchase is normally downloadable within minutes. you will receive an email with the download link.

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